Summer Fun for the Family

As summer break begins for kids around the region, many parents are wondering how to keep them occupied during the long, lazy days of summer. In between planning for camps and vacations, Jen and Rolf Eckert have figured how to juggle the free time with their two kids. They explain how they plan to manage their schedules during the summer months.

Time with Family

It can be tempting to plop the kids in front of the TV, especially when temperatures soar above 90 degrees. But even when the humidity and heat become unbearably stifling, one activity remains in popularity: swimming. The Eckert’s found that going to the pool provides the perfect opportunity to escape the heat, spend time with their children, and get rid of the excess energy that builds up when Physical Education classes end.

Time with Each Other

Summer break doesn’t just change the kids’ routines – parents have to adjust and prioritize their time as well. Finding time alone can be a challenge, but the Eckert’s have a unique solution. A few times during the week, they head to Tysons Sport&Health Club, one of 22 clubs in the area, and drop off the kids in the Kidz Klub before doing a partner workout. They find that they can trust that their kids are having fun and being well taken care of as they work together to become physically stronger. Fitness clubs and gyms are not just for adults, as the Eckert’s have found.

With the start of summer break upon us, parents everywhere are making plans around vacation time and camps, and families are adjusting to new schedules filled with sunshine and fun. 


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