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TV Watch Announces “Premiere Week Preparedness” to Remind Virginia Parents to Brush Up on Content Ratings & Parental Controls

With a new television season upon us, TV Watch recently launched “Premiere Week Preparedness,” an educational campaign to help parents prepare as dozens of new shows hit the airwaves.  The campaign, which includes a public service announcement (PSA) that premiered at the NAB Radio Show, reminds Virginia parents that now is the time to take a few minutes to review the content ratings and adjust the parental controls in their homes. 

“Premiere season introduces a new slate of TV shows but not every one of them is appropriate for children.  Another season means children are a year older – some have learned to use the remote and some need new rules based on a child’s age and the family’s tastes and values.  Now is a perfect time to learn more about new programming, set new rules and review the tools available to enforce those rules,” said Jim Dyke, TV Watch Executive Director.

TV Watch, the broad-based coalition that opposes government control of TV programming and promotes the use of tools like content ratings and parental controls, is also providing educational resources about existing tools to manage family TV viewing.

In addition to the PSA, TV Watch is creating a series of graphics highlighting ratings, tools and facts that are easily shareable across all platforms. Throughout the campaign, TV Watch is encouraging parents, coalition members, supporters and 3rd party groups, such as PTAs, to tweet information about the resources using the hashtag #PremierePreparedness to help spread the word.

TV Watch is also encouraging parents to learn about the new shows airing this fall, review the content ratings, utilize parental controls if needed and help spread the word to others by following these steps:

  • Learn More about New Programming: While parents may already be familiar with what is permissible for their kids to watch, this fall includes a host of new shows.  A listing of this season’s new shows can be found by following this link.  Take note of what your kids are asking to watch, and review the content and ratings for these shows.
  • Review the Ratings: The TV Parental Guideline Ratings System was modeled after movie ratings to give parents easy-to-follow warnings regarding the content and age-appropriateness of TV programs. The ratings can be found here.  Last summer, seven broadcast networks announced their commitment to making content ratings for their shows available on websites they control.  According to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, 68 percent of parents say they use the TV ratings system and 88 percent of parents are aware that the TV ratings system provides guidance based on the age of the child.  Ninety-five percent of parents who use the ratings most often find them helpful.
  • Utilize Parental Controls: According to the TV Parental Guideline Ratings System, more than one-third of parents use either a V-Chip or cable/satellite-provided parental controls, and TV Watch studies indicate 83 percent of parents are satisfied with the effectiveness of the V-Chip and other blocking tools. TV Watch has created an easy guide to help parents understand the basic tools and information, and take them through the simple process of activating parental controls.  “Television Tools for Parents 101” can be viewed online or downloaded and printed to keep handy next to the TV.
  • Spread the Word: TV Watch makes it easier than ever to spread the word to other parents about how they too can utilize these tools to take control in their own homes.  While 73 percent of parents monitor what their children watch on TV, many might have concerns when it comes time for an afternoon or overnight visit at a friend's house. Consider using this Parent-To-Parent Information card to easily inform other parents about your own tastes and values.  Recommend "Television Tools for Parents 101" to other parents so they understand the ratings and, if they choose, how to set their parental controls, or print this Remote PATROL poster to distribute at church or school group gatherings.  TV Watch also offers Spanish-language resources that can be found here.

About TV Watch 

TV Watch was launched in May 2005 and is the leading national organization to promote parental controls and individual choices as an alternative to increased government regulation of TV content. TV Watch is a nonpartisan coalition of 19 individuals and organizations including legal and entertainment experts and political and consumer organizations representing more than four million Americans. For more information about TV Watch, visit www.TelevisionWatch.org.



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