Deep Freeze Timeline: When Will McLean Warm Up?

Dangerous temperatures are going to be hanging around Wednesday. Here's a look at when you can head back outside.

Potomac River on Wednesday morning. Photo: Twitter user @WhitewaterAtty / Adam Van Grack
Potomac River on Wednesday morning. Photo: Twitter user @WhitewaterAtty / Adam Van Grack

The kids get a day off from school Wednesday, but it's not sledding weather in these temperatures.

And the cold air is expected to linger. A wind chill advisory is in effect until noon Wednesday. The National Weather Service warns frost bite and hypothermia are possible if precautions are not taken.

McLean's forecast for the next seven days barely gets above freezing.

Here's the latest from the National Weather Service:

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High near 13. Wind chill: -8.

Wednesday night: Low around 5. Wind chill: -3

Thursday: 20 percent chance of afternoon snow showers. High near 22.

Thursday night: Low around 7. Wind chill: -3.

Friday: Sunny. High near 22. Low around 14.

Saturday: High near 36. Low around 18.

Sunday: High near 34. Low around 22.

Monday: High near 33. Low around 9.

Tuesday: High near 22.


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