McLean Restaurant Inspections: McLean Family Restaurant

In this column, Patch publishes the latest round of McLean restaurant reports.

In Virginia, restaurant inspection reports aren't quite as simple as getting a letter grade or an easy to see number rating to post in the front window.

That said, we all want to know how our favorite restaurants stack up on cleanliness and sanitation.

In Fairfax County, inspectors grade restaurants based on critical and non-critical violations.

A "critical violation" is one that "poses a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served." Non-critical violations are generally related to cleaning or maintenance.

"Ideally, an operation would have no critical violations, or none which are not corrected immediately and not repeated. In our experience, it is unrealistic to expect that a complex, full-service food operation can routinely avoid any violations," according to Virginia Department of Health's website.

The site continues: "Keep in mind that any inspection report is a 'snapshot' of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have fewer or more violations than noted in the report. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term cleanliness of an establishment."

, the following McLean restaurants have been inspected by the Virginia Department of Health. The full reports can be accessed on the health department's website.

, 8142 Watson St.

  • Critical: Employees washed hands with gloves on
  • Critical: Sanitizing solution was not the correct concentration
  • Critical: A refrigerator used to store raw shrimp, chicken and other products was too warm.
  • Critical: Tracking powder pesticides were observed in the facility
  • Critical: Bean sprouts with no use-by date needed to be discarded

BGR - The Burger Joint, 8056 Tysons Corner Center

  • No critical violations

, 8201 Greensboro Dr.

  • Critical: There is no Certified Food Manager present at the beginning of the inspection.

, 1321 Chain Bridge Road

  • Critical: A knife was not cleaned between uses and was stored in a place with visible debris
  • Critical: The inspector observed cooked spaghetti, cooked rice, rice pudding, creme caramel and cooked potatoes was not used or discarded within 24 hours of preparation and was not observed to be date marked
  • Critical: A variety of cheese were stored in a refrigerator at an improper temperature

Sabrina's Pollo, 1961 Chain Bridge Road

  • No critical violations
Mom2 September 13, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I think these reports are helpful and keep local restaurants on their toes! I like what NYC has enacted - they are legally required to post their grade in a front window of their restaurant to alert possible patrons if they are keeping their kitchtens clean.
Andrew Johnson September 13, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I think having someone go into these Restaurants and do inspections and do a good job as they are doing is a very good thing. All of thses restaurants I have been to and some I do like and maybe now I may not go back to for a while. I hope whom ever is doing the inspections will go back and redo the inspections to the restaurants that did not do so well in the first inspection and see if they may have cleaned up there act. But nice work Fairfax.
Ted Lopatkiewicz September 13, 2012 at 08:54 PM
These health inspections are important but I must say the "critical" violations found at McLean Family Restaurant seem pretty tame. I would not hesitate to continue patronizing it, one of my favorite eating spots. Ted Lopatkiewicz
Adrienne September 15, 2012 at 02:39 PM
I agree, Ted.


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