Best Blogs: Renewable Energy and First Time Voters

Our round-up of the best blogs on McLean Patch from Oct. 1 to 5.

Did you miss some of the blogs this week on McLean Patch? Each week, we'll round them up in one convenient place for you.

Here are the highlights from blogs that ran Oct. 1 to 5.

"Are You a First Time Voter?"

  • Amanda Pohl with Virginia Organizing write about special identification requirements for voters the first time they vote in a federal election.
  • "Some forms of ID that are acceptable for Virginia's new ID requirements may not meet the federal requirements. Know what you need before you go to the polls!"
  • "If you need to know if you are a first time voter, please click here to search your registration status on the Virginia State Board of Elections website. Virginia Organizing recommends that everyone check their voter registration status before the October 15 registration deadline to ensure you are an active, registered voter."
  • Read the full post here.

"The "Fountain of Youth" - First Step: Get More Oxygen!"

  • One of McLean Patch's newest bloggers, Alianna Maren, writes this week about finding that elusive fountain of youth.
  • "The first step is the most obvious. We need to get more oxygen into our bodies. There are a lot of things that we can do once we get more oxygen (and there are also a lot of things our bodies will do automatically once they get increased oxygen flow), but we have to take this essential first step."
  • "Thousands of years ago, yogis cultivated the art of - not so much deep breathing - but specialized breathing. They understood that vital life force energy, which they called prana, was intimately connected with our oxygen intake. Thus, they developed the practice of pranayama.
  • Read the full post here.

  • Ivy Main writes this week about third Governor’s Conference on Energy in Virginia.
  • "If Governor McDonnell were to call Virginia the Energy Suburb of the East Coast, that would be closer to the truth. We’re a bigger importer of electricity than any state except California."
  • "Meanwhile, what can our governor do to make Virginia a leader on energy? There’s only one area left untried: renewable energy. We could build wind and solar facilities in Virginia, adding jobs without pollution. We know we have the resources and the businesses eager to build if the state wants them."
  • Read the full post here.

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