McLean Father, Daughter Launch 'Hugs for Sandy Hook' Website

A 7-year-old channeled her grief into a letter for children in Newtown, Conn. Her father came up with a way to share it with the world.

One day after a gunman killed 26 students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a 7-year-old girl in McLean wrote a letter to the school's survivors.

"Sandy Hook School Sorry I hope you feel bettr," Kartnee Johnson, 7, wrote. She also drew a picture of flowers and two children standing side-by-side.

Kartnee was the same age as many of the students killed in Friday's mass shooting - the worst at an elementary school in U.S. history. Twenty 6- and 7-year-olds died.

Kartnee took her letter and drawing to her father, Jim Johnson, who decided to create a website to share her words.

"The day after the tragedy in Newtown my daughter came up to me with a letter in hand she wanted me to give to the kids of Sandy Hook Elementary," Johnson wrote in an email to Patch. "I was not sure how to get it there so I created a website for her and others that would like to sign/post."

Since Hugs for Sandy Hook Elementary launched, several people have shared messages online.

Among the message left on the site, Lea wrote,

"I would like to send a note of condolences to all of you that have suffered this senseless tragedy. As a mother I am sick for the parents that are left with empty arms, and for the brothers and sisters left behind, and for the children and adults that are left to question why."

Ronald Bernard wrote,

"To the family, friends and loved ones of Sandy Hook and the Community of Newtown. My sincerest sympathies for your loss. This tragic event has saddend me in a way I never thought possible. As a complete stranger to all of you , I can only say my heart aches for you and I could never begin to know the grief that you all share. I have never met any of you, yet I feel as if I lost one of my own. I send my heart felt love and prayers to all of you and hope you can find some comfort knowing that there are millions of people just like me that care deeply for all of you."

Visit the website and create your own message to share with Sandy Hook Elementary and the Newtown, Conn. community.

Emily R. Wheeler December 18, 2012 at 03:55 PM
I would like everyone to know in Newtown, Conn. that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone this has hurt. I am not alone Monday November ,17 , our whole school and many across the nation sported your school colors. May God be with you and all involved God Bless all of our teachers for being so willing to keep all children safe. My you look to Him for strength.
Nancy Egelko December 18, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Twenty small children Under God’s tears Please shining stars Erase all their fears Not enough time To share all their toys Little girls who never Will dance with the boys Children who shared The sweet gleam in their eye Feel God’s embrace From Earth to the sky We learn from their living Under this Sun To hold out our hands For we are all one Nancy Egelko


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