Candidate to Ask for Accessible Voting for McLean's Absentee Voters

Rip Sullivan wil appear before Fairfax Electoral Board to request in-person absentee voting location for McLean voters.

Richard 'Rip' Sullivan plans to ask for a voting place in McLean for absentee voters for the August 19 special election. He is on the ballot for Virginia's 48th House District.
Richard 'Rip' Sullivan plans to ask for a voting place in McLean for absentee voters for the August 19 special election. He is on the ballot for Virginia's 48th House District.
Rip Sullivan, the Democratic nominee for delegate in Virginia's 48th House District, will speak before the Fairfax County Electoral Board and advocate for an early, in-person satellite voting location in the Fairfax County portion of the 48th District.

"The only in-person absentee voting location currently offered for the August 19 special election is nearly a 90-minute round trip drive from the district," said Sullivan. "With many voters unable to physically reach the polls on the mid-August special election day, it is critical that we remove this unnecessary barrier and enable citizens of the 48th district to exercise their right to vote."

Sullivan continued, "Over the past couple of days I've been in contact with Fairfax Electoral Board Chairman Seth Stark and Secretary Brian Schoeneman, and very much appreciate their willingness to discuss and address this important issue." 

"In 2012 I served as the Virginia Counsel to President Obama's re-election campaign, where I worked to protect voting rights," said Sullivan. "I feel strongly about ensuring equal access to the ballot, and look forward to speaking at tonight's Fairfax Electoral Board meeting."

Thursday night's meeting will begin at 5 p.m. and take place in Conference Room 315-C of the Fairfax County Government Center, located at 12000 Government Center Pkwy.
Brian Schoeneman July 11, 2014 at 10:21 AM
After hearing from both campaigns, including Rip's, we approved two weekends for absentee in-person voting in the 48th House District Special. We approved both August 9 and August 16, from noon to 5 at Dolley Madison Library in McLean for absentee in-person voting. Voters will have three ways to vote absentee in-person in this special - at the Fairfax Government Center in the Office of Elections any time the office is open (including late on Thursdays) and 8 hours on August 16, the traditional mailed-in absentee ballot, and these two weekends.
Jarrod Nagurka July 11, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Brian, at the meeting Chairman Stark said that the Electoral Board had heard from only three organizations on this issue- the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, the Dranesville District Democratic Committee, and the Sullivan Campaign. The representative from the Fairfax County Republican Committee stated at the meeting that FCRC "did not have a position on this issue." Saying that you heard from both campaigns is not consistent with FCRC's actions yesterday, nor with statements made by the Board at yesterday's meeting.
Brian W. Schoeneman July 11, 2014 at 12:55 PM
Jarrod, are you seriously going to quibble with me on this point? I got a phone call yesterday at 2:56 PM. We spoke for 3 minutes, and during that conversation, he told me that the Foster campaign had asked that he reach out to me to discuss the potential for in person absentee. I explained to him our concerns, as we had not yet resolved the issue with Dolley Madison library being booked, and I explained to him what we were trying to do. He thanked me, and said that FCRC wouldn't take an official position in the event that we couldn't work things out, but that the Foster campaign did want the extra locations. After Rip insulted us at the meeting yesterday telling us we can do better despite the fact that what we agreed to yesterday was unprecedented, and your accusation here that I am lying is simply hard to fathom at this point.
Brian W. Schoeneman July 11, 2014 at 12:56 PM
The phone call was from Matt Ames, Chairman of the FCRC. Not sure why that was cut off in my comment.
Jarrod Nagurka July 11, 2014 at 01:09 PM
Brian- not accusing you of lying whatsoever, and I think you all did a great job in such a short time period given a variety of circumstances, just trying to clarify because this was the first time I had heard that the Foster campaign agreed with Rip's original request for a location closer to the 48th. Furthermore, Rip also said at the meeting yesterday that he didn't mean to "insult" anyone and was simply trying to provide Fairfax voters with as many opportunities to vote in-person absentee in the 48th as possible. His job as Delegate would be to advocate on behalf of his constituents, and that's all he was trying to do last night. Again, appreciate all the hard work that the Electoral Board and staff have done in order to make in-person absentee voting available.


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