Artist Alert: Pebble to Pearl

Meet the Northern Virginia band, Pebble to Pearl.

Despite bands, singers and emcees existing in record numbers since the surge of artist independence, versatility remains an uncommon suit for rising entertainers.  Let Pebble to Pearl (P2P) be the exception.

This Sterling-based band is a funk, rock and soul fusion that evolved through connections from previous groups spanning roughly six years. The band is comprised of seasoned musicians at every position with Sean, classically trained on keys and back-up guitar, JFork on guitar, Dece on bass, Chris on drums and DariJ as the rangy lead vocalist.

The group tops those talents with a knack for live performing with the freedom of improv, which they prefer over studio recording. “The interaction with the band members and the camaraderie that we have with each other is what really brings out the joy,” said their leading lady.

DariJ, whose primary inspirations are Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, might step off stage mid-performance to engage her fans while crooning their favorite covers.  “I really enjoy seeing the looks on people’s faces when they can actually tell that I really feel what I’m feeling when I’m singing,” proclaimed DariJ.  

Sean is “bred to rock,” often standing eyes-closed to use his voice just as well as he does his keyboard.  The band's lead guitar and bass players show an attention to detail that never lets up, giving the collective a funky edge to be appreciated by the young and older audience members.  Chris, the drummer, grounds the Pebble to Pearl sound with skillful play that is complementary without being overpowering.  Their intriguing live set comes as no surprise as they site inspirations ranging from Prince to Cameo to Radiohead.

Pebble to Pearl has secured a devoted following through both headlining their own area gigs as well as sharing stages with nationally recognized names.  They have been on bills with acts such as Rome in a Day, The Blackjacks, Chuck Brown, Yolanda Adams, Missy Elliot and even B.B. King.  DariJ cites Lion & Bull in Haymarket and in Arlington as their home base venues.  The larger outdoor festivals are their favorite places to play, as they sometimes feature several thousand diverse crowd members to win over.

Covers are a staple for the group’s live sets, but they also have original material.  “The songs that we write are based very much on our lives and touching people in their soul.”  P2P will venture away from the stage to release newly recorded studio material soon accompanied by a music video later this year.   Be on the lookout for this band off of the heels of their performance at Massanutten Summer Jam.  They embody the talent and versatility that truly puts the “live” in live show.

Check out the band's music and schedule here.  You can also follow them on Twitter: @PebbleToPearl.


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