Bring the world to your home by hosting an exchange student!

For more than 60 years, YFU has been a leader in youth exchange programs exchanging over 250,000 in more than 60 countries. Each year more then 4,200 students participate. Through the exchange experience, YFU students gain skills and perspectives that help them meet the challenges and opportunities of our fast-changing global community.

Let our families tell you about their experience:

Learn more at www.yfuusa.org.






Youth for Understanding (YFU), one of the most well respected intercultural exchange programs, is currently looking for host families in your area that are willing to open their homes and hearts to high school students from around the world. Each student is excited to be immersed in American culture, and you could be a part of that experience!

Hosting is a fun and rewarding way for your family to learn first-hand about another country from a student who has grown up there. All International students are prepared to follow the family’s rules, they come insured and come with their own spending money. We ask that each host family provides a place for the student to live, three meals a day and transportation to and from school. YFU even provides extra volunteer support in the area for all the families and students.

You hold the key to the start of lifelong friendships! To learn more about hosting, visit our website: www.yfuusa.org or contact your local YFU Field Director Tchi Sogoyou today tsogoyou@yfu.org; 618-690-0755. Join the fun and make a difference! The deadline for school enrollment is fast approaching, so please act now. 






Youth For Understanding is welcoming 55 international exchange students to …… this summer. Each of these wonderful young boys and girls is looking for a warm and welcoming family like yours to host them for this upcoming school year. Will it be yours?

Our students come fully ensured and have their own pocket money! “Hosting is a rewarding experience like no other. There is much to be learned from other cultures, and by sharing our own we allow understating, communication and peace to grow.”  

Welcome an exchange student into your home; start your host family application today: https://yfuusa.org/ ! We have many students to choose from. Read more on each student on our blog: http://yfusedistrict.wordpress.com






Did you ever have a friend in high school or college that was an exchange student?  Remember that feeling when you got to show them around and let them try everything new?  You can do that now that you are an adult, too!  Would you be interested in hosting a high school foreign exchange student for the 2014-15 school year?

Annapolis families interested in hosting an international student from one of 60+ countries can speak with Tchi Sogoyou at 618 690 0755 or via email at tsogoyou@yfu.org .

If you can’t host, but would like to help, YFU is a non-profit organization and works mostly with volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, as the area representative for the exchange students, or volunteer in another capacity, please contact us atwww.yfuusa.org.  Area representatives support the students and their families throughout the exchange year.  


15 years old female from Denmark

Excited to arrive in August, Katherine writes, "I see myself as energetic, always ready for new challenges, open-minded and always ready to go one hundred percent". Sports have always been an important part of her life, whether it's been playing soccer, running, cardio training or handball. In the past, she's also tried swimming, kickboxing, cheerleading and badminton. In turn, she eats healthy to maintain good energy but that doesn't stop her from having an occasional hamburger or piece of chocolate! Living in the countryside with her parents and younger brother, Katherine has enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities with them including rafting, mountain biking, caving, canoeing and "jungle trekking". But sports isn't her only passion, she also speaks with enthusiasm about singing - she's been in musicals, a choir and sang at local cafes. She considers music highly emotional and a great place to let go. Katherine does well at school, volunteers at an after-school center for younger children, and is considering a career as a nutritional coach.





Join a vibrant Youth For Understanding (YFU) community of volunteers, families and international students as a YFU Host Family (nationwide). With more than 60 years of experience, students and families around the world trust YFU because of its reputation for quality, high safety standards, and strong support network. Share your family traditions - welcome an eager international teenager ready to experience American culture, learn about social responsibility, and build interpersonal bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. As a YFU host family you can make dreams come true for one of this year’s almost 2000 International Students traveling here this summer from 60 countries around the world.

As a YFU Host Family your family will:

·         Gain a global perspective

·         Learn about other cultures

·         Gain a lifetime of memories and most likely a family member for life.

Can't speak another language? No problem, our students speak English and are carefully selected based on academics and recommendations. All kinds of American families make great YFU Host Families, yours will too. Our students are as diverse as our host families and look forward to meeting you.

YFU is here to support your family every step-of-the-way - with handbooks, group orientations, trained local volunteers and a dedicated professional support staff.

We have many students to choose from. Read more on each student on our blog: http://yfusedistrict.wordpress.com. Learn more www.yfuusa.org, or contact YFU’s local Field Director, Tchi Sogoyou at 618-690-0755. Or via e-mail at tsogoyou@yfu.org. 





Youth for Understanding (YFU) is one of the world's largest and most respected international exchange programs!

Help us welcome the world home by hosting a high school age international student for an academic school year or semester. A YFU exchange student becomes a member of your family, participates in family activities, shares in home responsibilities, and provides your family with an international friendship that can last a lifetime! The student comes to your home and never leaves your heart!

Check us out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gwYYrxijLBs

Let our families tell you about their experience:

Through this experience, everyday activities take on a new and exciting twist. Hosting a student from abroad will broaden your entire perspective on the world. It's a great educational opportunity for the whole family and a lot of fun, too!

YFU international exchange students are carefully-selected, chosen based on their academic excellence and teacher recommendations. They have studied English and many have even received scholarships! Your international son or daughter will be between 15-18 years of age and will come from one of over 60 countries that partner with YFU! Here's the profile of one of our many students seeking a host family:

"Asta: 16 years old, Female from Finland

Optimistic and social are words used to describe Asta, a young lady with lots of interests. Between playing the piano, jogging, downhill skiing, scouts, dance and drama classes, and a scout group, Asta manages to fill her time but still has some for her family and friends.. Asta has a close relationship with her parents and younger brother. She reports that they do a lot together from eating dinner together each day to relaxing at the family cabin to taking vacations. One person said "one simply gets in a good mood when talking with her." She is looking forward to experiencing high school and the American way of life. Asta hopes her exchange year will be one of the best of her life and can't wait for it to begin - she's been hearing stories from her dad and aunt about their exchanges.. She is excited to spend time with both her host family and friends. She hopes these will be friends not just for a year, but for life.” 

Interested in inviting another part of the world to your very own living room? Learn more www.yfuusa.org, or contact YFU’s local Field Director, Tchi Sogoyou at 618-690-0755. Or via e-mail at tsogoyou@yfu.org. 





Ever Consider Hosting?


Become a Host Family

Hosting a YFU international exchange student is an enriching experience for you and the entire family. By opening your home and heart to a student from overseas, you and your family will gain a new global perspective, many memories, and - quite possibly - a new family member for life! Meet the students.


Check out our new video about becoming a host family and share it with anyone you think might be interested!


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