Moms Talk: First Week of School

Where Moms (and Dads!) talk about anything and everything!

Moms!  Dads!  The week is over!  How did your (oh, and the children's) first week of school go?  Was it everything you dreamed of and more?  Or was it hectic and challenging with new routines and tighter schedules?

We at Chantilly Patch want to hear all about it!

And for those of us who entered into this new world of having school-aged children, how was your experience?  Was it as emotional as mine was?  (I tried so hard not to cry!)

Please share with us your first days of school stories.  Whether they were memorable, stressful, scary or exciting!

Also, we would love to see your pictures of your adorable children dressed up for their first day of school! 

Please join in on the discussion this week by telling us your personal story below in the comment box.

Do you have a suggestion for a future Moms Talk?  Please share your ideas by clicking on "Email the Author" above.


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