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This has been an interesting week for all of Northern Virginia.  First, an unexpected 5.8 earthquake.  And now, only a few days later, a hurricane slamming the East Coast. 


I've been talking with a few of my friends and neighbors about the events this week.  My favorite story is from a friend of mine who works during the day.  Her husband does as well so their son, Ben, a three-year-old, attends day care.  When his mother picked him up from school after the earthquake, she cautiously asked about his day.  Ben replied, "The building was shaking and the teacher was not so happy. I didn't like her magic trick...we need a different school."

My two girls, Zoe who is almost 3 and Maddie who is 4, both thought the experience from the earthquake was pretty cool.  They didn't seem to mind the violent shaking and was proud that they were able to experience such an event during their young ages, whereas, this was also my first earthquake, and I am 29.  "We are so lucky!" Maddie exclaimed!

My youngest, Brycen who is almost 2, slept through the entire event.

I'm relieved that we aren't in the direct path of Hurricane Irene.  Though, the concern of loosing electricity and water was prevalent.  I wonder how my children handled this storm and whether they were fearful or understanding. 

An earthquake and a hurricane in the same week is quite a lot for a young child to deal with!

This brings me to our topic for Moms Talk this week.  How did your children react to the earthquake and hurricane?  What is the best way to deal with severe weather and your children?

Please join in on the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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