Real Life, Real Moms: Life's a Beach

Beach vacations with the kids can be fun...and exhausting.

I’ve been vacationing at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the past 15 years or so. As a young, single professional, I joined a beach house share with friends. I spent many long weekends at The Bungalow with other young professionals sunning on the sand, drinking margaritas at sunset, walking the boardwalk, being lazy on the front porch of our rented house, etc. My friends and I would sleep late, eat bad-for-you beach food, windsurf on the bay, and explore the Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey, Fenwick Island and Bethany areas.

I look back fondly on my five summers of being a shareholder in The Bungalow. I made lots of memories and cemented my closest friendships there. Alas, life moves on. The Bungalow was sold, and the shareholders drifted into marriage and parenthood. This includes The Husband and me. Since The Bungalow, The Husband and I have made an effort to return to Rehoboth each summer in order to relive our summer glory days.

It’s tough for me to now limit my beach vacations to just one week each summer, but that is what my summer beach time has become. Next week, my family and I will join thousands of other Washingtonians who trek to the Delmarva peninsula for a week-long vacation. My vacations at the beach are not quite the same as it once was—is anything once you have children? These days, my beach vacation has me lugging huge bags of sand toys, coating the family in SPF 50, and keeping an eagle eye on the kids as they frolic in the surf. It’s a lot more tiring now with children than when I was a carefree single!

On the up-side, I get to introduce my children to the wonders and joys of the beach! Bito has gone to Rehoboth with us enough times now that he has his own favorite things: crossing the Bay Bridge, playing in the waves, digging for sand crabs, building sandcastles, eating chocolate croissants from Lingo’s Market and riding rides at Funland. Cupcake and BabyMuffin were happy last year chasing seagulls, searching for seashells and making sandcastles. This year will bring another chance to make new memories!

I am excited to watch my children fall in love with the beach, and make their own beach memories. I’m pleased that I have been able to contribute to their delight. So I don't get to sleep in and laze around as I once did, but seeing the beach through my kids' eyes might be worth the exhaustion of a family beach vacation.


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