Songbird at Flight: Elle Marchelle

Artist profile on the accomplished R&B singer, Elle Marchelle.

With singers across the country mistakenly becoming victims of their own self-proclaimed “patience,” opportunities to share the gift of voice pass many by.  Dreams of a major label deal and superstar budget consume the minds of local talents, making them complacent and passive in their efforts to gain notoriety while they wait.  To the contrary, R&B singer Elle Marchelle out of Alexandria is soaring the skies and still on the rise.

The 22-year-old power vocalist realized that music was her path just before officially becoming a teenager.  It was during those early years of performing that she would learn what singing techniques and performance tricks were most favorable.  From her own trial and error, Marchelle grew into a Rhythm & Blues singer peppered with an alternative pop flavor.  With the age to naturally sound contemporary and the vocal talent to strike memories of old pioneers, Ms. Marchelle offers something for all. 

“I try to make music to please the ears of everyone because I want everyone to share my experience” professed Marchelle.  She, however, would not be categorized by any genre in a perfect world.

While important, just being heard is not her only goal.  Marchelle emphasizes inspiring others as part of her intent when she takes to the stage or booth.  Expectedly, she has many inspirations of her own.  Legendary trailblazers Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston helped shape Marchelle’s musical world as a youth.  Most vividly, though, was the impression made by the unique approach and jazzy style of Sade.  This rising star hopes to bring back some of the feel from that era that intrigued her early.

With no inhibitions about gracing a stage and awing a crowd, Marchelle is well-seasoned amongst DC-area venues.  Babylon and the very reputable Blues Alley are two places to feature her live set.  Her travels far exceed the Mid-Atlantic, as she has rocked in California, the New York Cotton Club and at The Bootlegger before the likes of Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton.  When not on the road, Marchelle is likely to be working in the Northern Virginia area with names like Marcus Mitchell and producer Samantha Gunney.

Without any top industry executives to help, Marchelle is aggressive in her pursuit of musical attention and her accomplishments are vast.  Some are more personal, such as the heartfelt feedback from her self-scribed tune “Release Me.” 

“People say I make their soul fly, I take them back or I take them to another place when they listen to that song," she said.  "It was written straight from the heart.” 

Her song “Around You” has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award and has held the area #1 spot on Reverbnation.com for several months.  Marchelle is also a finalist in the Budweiser Superfest Contest which is a prominent voucher for her rise in popularity.

Remaining self-contained, look for a new EP from Marchelle in November of this year.  While patience is a virtue, this soon-to-be fan favorite indie singer proves that a passionate pursuit is just as virtuous.  Don’t wait to check her out because she won’t wait for the industry to catch on!



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