Spring Easter Festival at Ticonderoga Farms

This Chantilly spot is full of springtime excitement.

Families who are looking for a way to take their weekend celebration outdoors in this fantastic weather, should head to in Chantilly for the annual .

A local tradition, the farm is packed with fun: hay rides, big slides, a playground, marshmallow roasting and weekend egg hunts will give you a whole day of excitement.

I visited Ticonderoga with some friends during a weekday. We started at the playground where the kids slid and climbed on the two-level boat. Not before long, my daughter spotted a wandering chicken - something you will frequently encounter around the grounds.

“Can I catch it?” she asked me as she bolted in its direction.

She squealed as she got closer, but this bird was fast. We passed pens containing other farm animals as we made our way to some picnic tables in back of the farm. We sat for a snack, and the kids ate and wandered, peering in an inactive fire pit with unusual fascination.

Ready for the next activity, we spotted the hay ride wagon and walked towards it. The next ride wasn’t scheduled for some time, but we were a large group and when we got the attention of the driver he was happy to take us on the tour. The little ones enjoyed sitting on the bales of hay and spotting the wooden animal cut outs that were staged along the journey. Much to the kids’ amusement, the grand finale was when the wagon drove right through the lake.

After our ride was complete, we wandered back towards the lake and walked over a rope bridge that swayed and shook with each tiny step. After making a restroom stop at the port-a-potties, we stopped at the marshmallow roasting pit where we grabbed the skewers that waited ready in a holder, and speared the marshmallows my friend had packed.

After wiping the sticky goo off our children, we made our way back towards the entrance and climbed to the top of the big slides. Some parents waited at the bottom to catch little ones as they zipped down to the finish. My daughter seemed so small on such a big slide, but she has proven herself quite brave in her second year, whizzing down with her mouth wide open, and then grabbing her sliding mat and climbing right back up the steps for more. This routine continued for what seemed like forever. And it was a joy to watch.

While the day started out a bit wet, the sun was shining and we were muddy and tired from all the fun. The Spring Easter Festival runs through April 15 and is open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $7.95 on weekdays and $11.95 on holidays and weekends.    


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