5 Things New Police Commander Should Know About McLean

Welcome Capt. Dan Janickey

Capt. Dan Janickey became the new McLean District Police Commander Monday.

Capt. Janickey worked in McLean about 10 years ago. A few things have changed then.

To help him get acquainted with McLean, we asked some folks around town to tell us 4 Things the new McLean Commander needed to know about McLean.

1. Rob Jackson, president McLean Citizens Association: Traffic congestion drives residents of McLean crazy.  While the County police department cannot fix that problem, it can make a big difference by directing traffic when there is an automobile incident. This would help clear the extra congestion much faster than by doing nothing.

This drives me crazy.  So often we seen several squad cars investigating an incident, while traffic snarls and comes to a virtual halt.  On those few occasions where an officer or two direct traffic, things clear out much faster.

2. John Speicher, Vice Chair, Citizens Advisory Committee to the police district sent along two:

  • McLean Hardware has practically everything is needed for that miscellaneous weekend project and is a whole lot easier and safer to get to than schlepping out to Home Depot.
  • Many folks behind the wheel in this area exhibit rude and obnoxious driving behavior because they think "my time is so much more important than your time".

3. Dranesville Supervisor John Foust: We welcome you and look forward to working with you. We want to make McLean safer for pedestrians and more aggressive enforcement of speeding laws will help.

4. McLean Patch: Greenberry's in downtown is the best place to pick up coffee and the latest gossip around town.


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