Fairfax Police Offer Women-Only Self-Defense Classes

Could you defend yourself if you were attacked?

The Fairfax County Police Department is sponsoring a new two-day self-defense course beginning Tuesday, May 22 and 24. Classes will be held at the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy, 14601 Lee Road, Chantilly from 6-9 p.m.

Whether you’re 13, 30, 80 or anywhere in between, this comprehensive safety course will help prepare you against attackers, the police department said in an announcement.

The course is free of charge throughout its introductory time period. It is open to all women 13 years of age or older; however mothers (or female guardians) are required to attend with their teens. Due to the nature of the course, men are not allowed to attend.

You’ll learn risk awareness and reduction, crime prevention strategies, defensive concepts and hands-on training in defensive tactics. These techniques, when applied swiftly and correctly, can and do protect students.

Trained experts with years of experience teach the course. The Fairfax Police Law Enforcement Foundation and C&J Security Corp. are sponsoring the training session.

Women will test their newly learned skills in realistic, controlled environments, and they’ll experience what it’s like to be suddenly grabbed in a stairwell, a parking lot or an elevator.

For more information, email wsd@fairfaxfoundation.org. To register for the May or June 12 and 14 sessions, please email wsd@fairfaxfoundation.org or call 703-246-7806. Seating is limited.


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