Constituents to Wolf: 'Extend Tax Cuts' to Middle Class

Constituents from Virginia's 10th District stopped by Congressman Wolf's office Thursday to deliver letters asking him not to forget the middle class during budget negotiations.

A group of contituents from Congressman Frank Wolf's 10th District delivered a message to him Thursday: "Don't forget the Middle Class."

That message was delivered in the form of 111 letters delivered to his Herndon office Thursday by constituents Jalmeen Soni of McLean and Chip Taggart, also of McLean.

"As one of the Congressman's constituents, I have appreciated his willingness to take a stand on important public issues in the face of strong opposition from his party," said Taggart, in a news release from Virginia Organizing.

"He [Wolf] did not sign the no tax pledge and, in fact, made a statement before Congress critical of those who did," Taggart noted. "And, he was one of only 38 Representatives who voted for a balanced approach to deficit reduction based on the Simpson-Bowles Commission recommendations. I urge Congressman Wolf to maintain his commitment to a comprehensive approach to deficit reduction that also supports economic growth and strengthens the middle class.  To this end I urge him to vote against the measures being introduced in the House today, since they fall far short of that goal." 

Virginia Organizing said the group wanted to deliver the message to Wolf because "if Congress fails to act by the end of the year, the average family will . The House of Representatives has refused to vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut Act, which would extend tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses. By refusing to vote on this measure, Congress is holding low- and middle-income earners hostage to give tax breaks to the wealthiest two percent of Americans.  

"The "Plan B" proposal, the group says, would:

  • end unemployment insurance that two million Americans use to subsist in between jobs.
  • eliminate tax cuts that 25 million Americans need by letting the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and the Opportunity Tax Credit all expire
  • save millionaires an average of $50,000 in taxes at the expense of important programs.

Virginia Organizing describes itself as "one of over 150 national, state and local organizations that are part of The Action – a grassroots movement calling for the end of the Bush-era tax breaks for the richest 2 percent that have for too long shortchanged critical investments that create and sustain jobs." 


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