HuffPost: NoVa Conservatives 'Learn to Love' Romney

For Republicans in Northern Virginia, it wasn't "love at first sight" with the presidential contender.

Some conservative voters who attended a Republican rally in Leesburg this weekend admitted that Mitt Romney was not their first choice for the Republican nominee, according an article published in The Huffington Post.

"Indeed, for many in the crowd of roughly a hundred gathered in the parking lot behind the local Romney campaign office, support for Romney has meant learning to love, rather than love at first sight," the article reported.

But this won't stop right wing Republicans from throwing their full weight behind him.

Chris Minor, a Tea Party supporter, said any Republican candidate will be better than Obama.

"When you look at the other side there is no other option, it's either Romney or Obama and Obama is the epitome of what we're against," said Minor, as quoted in The Huffington Post. "It's not that we're pro-Romney because he's a better man; we're pro-Romney because he is not everything that Obama and his party represent at this point in time."

Read the full Huffington Post article here.

Virginia is at the heart of this year's campaign. In late July, a in McLean. At the opening of the office, Pat Mullins, chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, said, "We're spending  a lot of time in Fairfax. In order for Romney or Obama to win, they have to win Virginia. ... Virginia is a battleground. Northern Virginia is the epicenter of the battleground," he continued.


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