Letourneau Points to Experience in Dulles Supervisor Campaign

The Republican nominee calls his family a reflection of the district.

Matt Letourneau hopes that youth will be his ticket to a seat on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. Running as the Republican nominee for Dulles District supervisor position, Letourneau said he would represent the many young professionals and young families that make up a large portion of the county.

“I’m in a situation with three young kids and a pretty lengthy commute,” Letourneau said. “This is a young district, and the demographics are similar to my family. It would be a benefit to have someone on the Board living the same life as many people in the community.”

Letourneau currently works at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and in this role, he says he gained understanding about how government and business should work together. He sees economic development as the single most important issue that the Board of Supervisors should tackle.

“I see firsthand how the business community works,” Letourneau said. “Particularly with regulation, government needs to work with business, not against business.”

He advocates creating an economic development authority, which would be a public-private partnership similar to the one Fairfax County uses. Letourneau said that Fairfax has been able to lower its residential taxes because they’re bringing in more business, and that Loudoun should follow the roadmap Fairfax has laid out.

Additionally, Letourneau believes the Loudoun must beef up its business development staff. He argues that with only the current handful of people trying to recruit businesses, they can’t be successful at doing so.

“You do have to spend a little bit, invest a little bit, but you’ll get that all back,” he said. “If we professionalize the approach and we are strategic about the companies we’re going after, we will attract businesses. It would be helpful to have an individual assigned to each business.”

As a father of three children who will attend public schools, Letourneau is very interested in overcrowding in the school, calling for higher capacity at schools. While planned schools like HS-6 and ES-21 will ease crowding at some Ashburn schools, he said more could be done.

“We have only 1,500- to 1,600-student high schools,” said Letourneau. “I don’t want to see us get 4,000+ student schools, like in Fairfax, but we may have to consider 2,000-student schools. We want to avoid making kids move from school to school because of district lines shifting.”

Letourneau acknowledged that maintaining and expanding the area’s high-quality schools comes with a steep price tag, but that’s why he said he hopes new business revenue can help cover those costs.

As the population of Loudoun County continues to grow, the schools are not the only stress point. Traffic continues to plague the region, and Letourneau said building out the rest of Loudoun County Parkway would be his top transportation priority.

“It stops in the middle and has a negative effect on the local community,” he said. “When you look at future growth, you need access to Metro and other communities along Route 50.”

While Letourneau does support Metro’s extension to Dulles Airport and Ashburn, and hopes that it will bring businesses to the area and ease commuter congestion, the cost worries him.

“I’m very concerned about escalating project costs on phase 2,” he said. “We have not been getting our fair share from Richmond.”

Letourneau believes that his experience in the U.S. Chamber and previously as a U.S. Senate staffer have prepared him to serve as supervisor.

Letourneau will face Democratic nominee Larry Roeder in November. Check back for Roeder's profile later this week.

Jonathan Erickson February 19, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Just get rid of the metro. It will never pay for itself hence it's a poor expenditure, unless you can get business to cough up the big bucks. Your cutting post offices that are not self-sustaining which is sensible. Cut school waste such as benefits for workers who work less than 32 a week. Increase the age before teachers can retire as it is we live longer. Average their total earnings for their retirement benefit instead of just the last 3 years


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