Metro Rolls Out New Plan to Falls Church Council

Mayor Nader Baroukh agrees to bring resolution to city council in February.

With issues of overcrowding and a need for sustainable revenue, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority rolled out a new six-year, $5 billion plan to move the transit system forward.

Metro officials presented their strategic plan, “Momentum, the Next Generation of Metro,” to the City of Falls Church council Monday night to gather input from city officials. Officials from the transit system are looking for ideas on what investments deliver improved service to more customers, what communities need enhanced Metro connectivity and how to strengthen transit in the downtown core.

“Over 35 years ago, this region made a decision to build around roads and rails,” said Shyam Kannan, managing director for Metro’s Office of Planning. “Today we see an ill effect of this system with crowding.”

With the new strategic plan, Kannan said Metro will lay new or replace 21 miles of track throughout the more than 100 miles of track in the system. Kannan said the transit system couldn’t meet the demands of the future as it is estimated there will be a 30 percent increase in population in the region and a 40 percent increase in employment. Mayor Nader Baroukh said council would write a resolution with ideas to help Metro move forward with their planning. The resolution will be voted on in council’s first meeting in February.

Vice Mayor Dave Snyder said it’s important for the transit system to come up with a way to effectively connect Skyline, Bailey’s Crossroads, Seven Corners and the City of Falls Church to Tysons.

Part of the plan is coming up with a plan to create a sustainable source of revenue to fund the transit system. Funding is needed to bring more eight car trains online throughout the system to address the overcrowding issue. Kannan said there are 100 people at anytime per car and the need for more rail cars is evident.

“There is nowhere to put those passengers,” Kannan said. “We know there is a connection between our system and job growth because businesses like to be located near Metro stations.”

For more information on Metro’s latest strategic plan, click here.

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simpletonsofknow January 10, 2013 at 12:50 PM
heh, last thing the mayor is about is 'resolution'. what a hoot.
John Strother January 20, 2013 at 11:39 AM
The City of Falls Church did not want the Metro train in the first place, that is why it was built around the city in the first place. Now the City sees it as a benefit and can't use it affectively. With all the comments and planning I hear the City is planning. I wonder who knows that an Elementary school is suppose to have twenty (20) acres under it for the proper health of growing children. Seems the Courthouse area is just too small for these twenty (20) acres. Thinking outside the box, only leads to lawsuits and poor planning. Under providing for anything leads to findings of short cuts. Short cuts makes a project less proper for anything. It would be like not providing police cars, radar guns, or pistols to the police.


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