SPEAK OUT: Should the City Sell Falls Church Water

A deal was reached to sell the water company to Fairfax Water, pending a public vote in November 2013.

For months the city has tried to sell Falls Church Water and Tuesday, a deal was reached to sell it to Fairfax Water.

The deal still needs a majority of the city’s resident’s support on a November 2013 referendum.

Tuesday, the city agreed to sell the water company to Fairfax Water for $40 million, $4 million less than the original minimum bid. Selling the company to Fairfax Water would see rates drop for current Falls Church Water customers. According to a graph on the Fairfax Water website, their customers pay $60.19 per 24,000 gallons over a three-month period. Falls Church Water customers, according to the same chart, are paying $86.55 for the same services.

If the deal goes through, Falls Church Water’s boundary with Fairfax County would change and now include George Mason High and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle complex and the Falls Church City Public Schools athletic facilities, which sit just outside city limits.

Do you believe the city should sell Falls Church Water and lose city revenue or do you think it’s time to let the company go in favor of lower rates?

Tell us your thoughts on this issue in the comments section below.


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Kathy m November 26, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Sell the utility. I live in McLean and have Falls Church Water. Their billing is atrocious -- seriously, it is something left over from the 70's. I am tired of being over billed for my water usage. Sell. Sell. Sell.
C.Cobr November 28, 2012 at 01:36 AM
I just received a bill today with charged dating back to January 2011!!! How the heck can this be, when I am current on my bill. When I called I spoke with a nice older woman, but the bill she had for me had the wrong account number then she said she would send out another bill??? Seriously, something needs to be done, the City has done and continues to do a horrible job with the billing and the resident are getting screwed.
John Strother November 28, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Sell the water works and get land for exchange? Sounds so good for Falls Church, but sounds so bad for Fairfax County residents. This means that Falls Church can develop these lands without the approval from the county. Thus making it a night mare to those that live in the county near Falls Church. Traffic near and in Falls Church is at the max, adding more buildings without improving the roads is just crazy. Plus the Gordon Road triangle study is full of falsehoods. The study states that Gordon Road connects from Route 7 ( Broad Street) to Shreve Road, when in fact Gordon Road is a dead end street that hooks to Gordons Road in Fairfax County which is also a dead end road that ends at the County and City Line. Gordon Road is not a through street. How did the study miss such an important issue as that?
David Bowie November 30, 2012 at 12:38 AM
The two Gordon Roads connect at the City/County boundary. One is in the City, one in the County. For purposes of maintenance, the County stops maintaining the road at the border, as does the City. Virginia Route 7, Broad Street, also stops at the border. It becomes Leesburg Pike. You can drive your car across the border on Route 7, and you can drive your car across the border on Gordons Road. Duh.
John Strother December 15, 2012 at 02:38 PM
One is Gordon Road, the other is Gordons Road. They are not the same road. Cross the border as in going into another country? Must be if you mean Falls Church is a separate country than the rest of Virginia. The county and city line isn't a border. Gordons Road in Fairfax County was declare that it wasn't ever accepted by the Fairfax County in the early 1980's. Thus, it should had been returned to those that own on either side. Now why after all these years, it hasn't been done? Why hasn't it?


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