Very Loud Nighttime Noises Expected As I-66 Bridge Demolition Begins Tonight

Toll Express Lanes Project

If you hear loud noises in the night, they may be coming from this week's demolition of the old bridge from I-495 north to I-66 west.

Demolition will take 4-5 weeks to complete of which  8-12 nights could be VERY loud, according to a notice from Virginia Megaprojects.

McLean went through a similiar bridge demolition in January with the destruction of the old Lewinsville Road bridge over the Beltway.

The demolition is part of the Virginia Megaprojects that is building the new toll express lanes from Springfield to Tysons Corner. Megaprojects sent this note to the neighbors:

Bridge demolition will start on the old left exit from I-495 north to I-66 west on or about Monday, April 23.  A portion of this left exit was dismantled in October 2011.  The remaining segment crosses over both the Metro's Orange Line and I-66 west.  Demolition will take longer than past bridges because work must be coordinated with Metro's schedule.

This demolition operations will produce significant noise, especially as we separate steel from the concrete decking. Crews will do everything possible to expedite the work.

Demolition is performed at night when traffic volumes are lowest to ensure the safety of  all motorists and our workforce, and to minimize the impact on traffic.  Demolition work will take place seven nights a week, from 10 p.m.-5 a.m.

The old ramp from I-66 west to I-495 south has been demolished. This bridge was replaced by a flyover ramp last month.

Bart J. Simpson April 24, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Just copying and pasting press releases, are we? Who is "we" and "our workforce" in the last couple of paragraphs? Is McLean Patch now manning construction equipment? Nice job.


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