What are you Doing on Your Furlough Days?

We asked McLean residents what they plan to do with their unpaid day off if their company or agency begins furloughing employees due to sequestration.

Federal agencies and even private contractors are looking at furloughs for employees as they find ways to make cuts ahead of sequestration.

Sequestration—automatic federal spending cuts expected to hit myriad industries from defense to education—may start March 1 if Congress doesn’t come to an agreement to avert the financial crisis.

For more on sequestration and the local economy, see:

Warner: Sequestration Worse Than You Imagine

McDonnell: Sequester Could Force Virginia Into Recession

If you were furloughed from work one day a week, what would you do with that day?

One person on the McLean Patch Facebook page wrote, “I'd spend my day looking for a new job. It will get much worse before it gets better.” She then joked, “Anyone need a personal beer taster?”

Elsewhere on Facebook and on Twitter, we’ve seen suggestions to spend the time doing things at home that you otherwise may not have time to do:

  • Unpack those boxes that have been sitting in the basement.
  • Read that good book that’s been sitting on your nightstand (or in your iPad or Kindle) for weeks.
  • Take a nap.
  • Run some errands so you can spend more of Saturday with your family and friends. 

Share your furlough ideas and plans in the comments below and help your McLean neighbors stave off boredom.


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