Bill to Allow Districts to Set School Opening Date Hits Snag

Tourism Industry Wins Again

A bill giving local school districts more flexibility when their school year starts hit a major obstacle on Thursday when a Senate committee voted to pass the bill "indefinitely."

The Senate Health, Education and Welfare Committee voted 9-6 to pass by indefinitely the bill introduced by , reports NBC's First Read - DMV

That action means that particular bill will not be considered again this session. 

Officials with Fairfax County Public Schools and Alexandria City Public Schools  have sought the right to open school before Labor Days. Gov. Bob McDonnell recently showed his support for the idea.

The tourism lobby argued that starting school before Labor Day would hurt their industry because they use many low-wage student workers to increase their staff during the summer. An earlier school start could force them to change that business model.

However, Thursday afternoon a House subcommittee will take up several bills, all which would let school districts set their own calendar.

Barbara Comstock January 27, 2012 at 01:17 PM
The House bill on early school opening (HB 1063) -- which I support - is still moving forward in the House and was voted out of a House subcommittee yesterday 7-1 and will be taken up in the full Committee on Monday. We have the Governor's support and the support of House leadership so we are hopeful for the outcome on the House floor. At that time, the Senate will have an opportunity to take up the bill again. So do continue to contact Senators on this measure and let them know of your views.


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