Police Create New Traffic Teams to Catch Speeders in McLean, Police Cars Armed with Bumper Stickers

Police roundup

McLean Police District News:

Beware Speeders. The McLean Police District commander has created a new traffic enforcement team to mainly catch speeders.

Several readers have asked about seeing police cars on Chain Bridge Road between downtown and Great Falls. Here's your answer.

District Commander Capt. Dan Janickey told the McLean Citizens Advisory Committee Thursday night he had created a new five-officer team to enforce pedestrian safety, seat belt use, distracted driving and speeding laws.

"We don’t have a high crime rate" in McLean District so "our emphasis will be on traffic safety," Capt. Janickey told the CAC.

The new team started working two weeks ago and has been active on Chain Bridge Road, along Kirby Road in the vicinity of Powhatan Street, and around the Dunn Loring metro station.

Proms and Drinking. McLean police cars are now armed with a new weapon against teenage drinking: bumper stickers.

Be on the lookout for police cars with a magnetic bumper sticker encouraging safe proms by discouraging drinking and driving. 

This was a partnership between the McLean District Station and the Safe Community Coalition primarily directed at the three high schools in the McLean district (McLean, Langley and Marshall),  assistant district commander Lt. Paul Norton told the CAC.

Langley and Marshall proms are Saturday night. McLean's prom is June 2.

600 magnets have been distributed among  the police cruisers, high school staff and students, Lt. Norton said.

Why do you care? Only a quarter of McLean households have school-age children, according to the 2010 Census. But a drunk teenager can hit and harm anyone.





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