UPDATE: More than 8,000 McLean Residents Remain Powerless for Third Day

More than 2,000 customers had power restored today.

UPDATE 5:40pm. Nearly 75,300 Fairfax County customers  out of nearly 400,000 remain without power for the third day, according to the Dominion Power website.

In McLean, an estimated 8,200 customers are still waiting for power restoration while more than 2,000 McLean residents have had their power return in the past 24 hours, according to the website.

The power company is working with VDOT and the county to remove trees that fell on power lines during Friday night's violent storm.

"We have not seen anyone until today," said Susan Rees of the Churchill community as she watched county crews remove the top half of a huge Chestnut tree that had crashed in power lines leaving Rees and her neighbors without power. Friday night.

The Dominion Power website says today what it said yesterday:

Dominion Virginia Power expects to restore service to 80-85 percent of customers whose power was disrupted by two days of severe storms by Tuesday night; 90-95 percent of affected customers by Thursday night, and virtually all remaining customers by Saturday night.

The hardest hit communities:

  • 709 customers along Spring Hill Road near Old Dominion Drive
  • 278 customers around Spring Hill Road and Lewinsville Road.
  • 1,051 in communities near the Beltway and Swinks Mill Road
  • 1.077 in the L'Ambiance community along Kirby Road near Old Dominion Drive.
  • 571  near Great Falls and Kirby Road.
  • 338 near Towlston and Route 7.

Dominion Power also lists locations where crews were working today. Several McLean locations were listed earlier in the day.

Here is the latest list for Fairfax County:

  • Barkley Dr south of Arlington Blvd
    Braddock Rd & Powell Dr
    Burrows Ave & Orchard St
    Bushman Dr & Valentino Dr
    Cedar Ln & Idylwood Rd
    Chestnut St off Main St
    Fair Lakes Pkw and Fair Crest Ct
    Fairfax Blvd N of Eaton Pl
    Fairfax Station Rd and Smoke Rise Lane
    Mcarthur Ave near Beulah Rd & McKinley St.
    Olde Forge Ct
    Piney Branch Rd and Lee Hwy
    Random Hills Rd
    Rosehaven St at Chain Bridge Rd
    Tara Dr
  • Twinbrook Rd and Braddock Rd
    Twinbrook Rd mear Bradddpcl Rd
    Woodburn Rd south of Tobinn Rd

Here is the list for earlier in the day, according to Dominion:

  • Great Falls St & Tyndale St
  • Great Falls St N or Kirby Rd
  • Hickory Hill Ave
  • Kirby Rd & Cottonwood St
  • Kirby Rd W of McFall Pl
  • Langley High School at Georgetown Pike
  • Linwood Pl
  • Mary Ellen Ct
  • Old Chainbridge Rd near Ballantree & Rt 193
  • Old Chesterbrok Road at Macon St
  • Old Dominion Dr
  • On Melrose Dr near Pinehill R
  • Purdue Pl
  • Ridge Dr & Sunny Hill Ct
  • Rt 123 & Kirby Rd
  • Saigon Rd
  • Sea Cliff Rd
  • Turkey Run Rd
  • Turkey Run Rd & Kedleston Ct
  • Valleywood & Kensington St
  • Waggaman Cir & Julia Ave
  • Wemberley Way & Lawton St

Here is the status of power in McLean neighborhoods as of 11:15 am Monday.

Communities where power has been restored, according to our readers:

  • Power was restored to the McLean Province Circle community just before 10 pm Monday night. This is at the corner of Kirby Road and Great Falls Street"
  • McLean Hamlet at 8:30 Monday
  • Wilshire at McLean

  • McLean Hills
  • McLean Park Manor Court
  • The Westerlies
  • Colonies Complex
  • Dolley Madison Apartments (a few minutes before 11 p.m. Sunday)
  • Madison of McLean (Saturday afternoon)
  • Langley Farms
  • Broyhill-McLean Estates
  • Broyhill-Glen Gary Park
  • Commons of McLean (at least the townhouses at the corner of Anderson and Chain Bridge)
  • Potomac Hills -- with the exception of "Kellogg, Hardy, Lochraven and off-shoots" -- has power as of 9:30 pm Saturday.
  • Linway Park Drive off of Linway Terrace
  • The very end of Maddux Lane off of Chesterbrook Road (The beginning of Maddux has power but not the end near the cul de sac)
  • Chain Bridge Court
  • El Nido/ Birch Road
  • Dead Run Drive area
  • Barbee Street
  • Marlboro/Nantucket neighborhood off Kirby Road
  • Evans Farm (as of 1:35 am Sunday)

Communities where there is still no power:

  • The Regency has power.
  • Timberly
  • Loch Raven and half of Potomac Hills. A downed power line in the 6200 block of Loch Raven.
  • The Crosswoods neighborhood (upper Poole Land and Pine Creek Court streets), located off Westmoreland between Kirby/Westmoreland intersection and Little Leage Baseball Field
  • Major damage on power lines and poles on Lemon Road
  • Ingleside Ave near Community Center and Library
  • L'Ambiance of Mclean on Kirby between Great Falls and Westmoreland
  • Greenway Heights. "And judging from the mangled mess of wires on springhill and then again on 193...I'm not feeling optimistic," one reader said.
  • Devon Park- Mcfall Street.
  • The Heather Hill subdivision
  • Wood side
  • Mclean Hunt
  • Franklin Park
  • McLean 100
  • Swinks Mill Court
  • Hamlet between Swinks Mill and Titania Still 

Please let us know your status through our Facebook page or in the comments.

McLparent July 03, 2012 at 03:43 AM
As I've been saying all along, the problem is the trees. People who disagree can read any report on what the power crews are doing, and for sure, it involves removing trees that have fallen on power lines. Ask people who've had trees fall on their cars. It's the trees...time to cut the ones near power lines.
Cameron July 03, 2012 at 11:24 AM
I understand the point, but respectfully...I find it hard to believe my section of McLean, going on day 4 without power has any more trees and had any more forceful winds than anywhere else. Maybe more than an urban section of the area with more buildings....but most of nova is heavily wooded.
David Benson July 03, 2012 at 03:51 PM
My street, Divine from Birch to the dead-end at the small wood by Old Chesterbrook, never had any damage at all and is not on the same grid as the rest of the neighborhood, all of which is on while I'm electricity-free for the 4th day running. Dominion refuses to acknowledge any communication from customers. The Dominion guy gets on the radio, says what he's not going to answer, and nobody calls him out. The Patch, WNEW and WTOP have carried Dominion's water for them, never having learned that you rewrite press releases and ask the obvious questions. Dominion and the media outlets I've mentioned above have been no better than the lazy reporters in Saigon who dutifully transcribed the day's enemy body count without questioning the figures. They should all be ashamed.
Adrienne July 04, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Yea! My 90-yr-old Mom got power on Valley Wood Road! Hope everyone else does Soo
Adrienne July 04, 2012 at 12:25 AM
That would be soon. iPad signal still pitiful.


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